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    A brief history of Granet

    Established in 1998 Granet Digital Images has been providing post production services to the full spectrum of media delivery industries.

    Company founder Grant Gill began his career in 1981 at the Australian Broadcasting Commission as a trainee, learning all aspects of broadcast television production, from electronic theory through to outside broadcasts and everything in between. Upon completion of the 3 year training course he specialized in videotape where he learnt the fundamentals on 2" videotape using chinagraph pencils and manual tape counters. Grant quickly rose through the ranks to become the senior post production editor and the first post production editor in the history of the ABC to be awarded the highest level of merit on their performance assessment scheme. He was regularly doing the post production compiling of all of the ABC's marquee programmes, including 4 Corners, Quantum, The Investigators, Rugby League, Cricket and Rugby Union, Live and Sweaty and many others.

    Grant took it upon himself to learn the very early versions of 3D modelling and animation programmes on an Amiga 2000 launching himself down the path which would eventually lead him to Visual FX. Grant was instrumental in the ABC purchasing the very first Qantel Editbox in Australia and was responsible for implementing it into the post production pipeline.


    At the genesis of pay television in Australia, Grant accepted a position with Optus Vision and helped establish their graphics department, creating the 3D department using his own hardware and software as well as operating Qantel HAL and paintbox. In 1996 he created the design department for the Sportsvision group as their network designer responsible for all openers, interstitials, on screen graphics and promos, working on Alias 3D and then Maya and Autodesk Flint.

    When Sportsvision was wound up in mid 1998, Grant decided to create Granet Digital Images, one of the very early boutique post productio companies, utilising desktop hardware and software, in contrast to the big shops running their "big iron" SGI Onyx and Quantel Henry boxes and associated high rates.

    Since 1998, Granet has been providing design, 3D, Compositing and Editing to practically all of the free to air TV stations as well as a number of the PayTV channels, many of the major post production companies and a diverse range of Advertising Agencies and production companies.

    Granet Digital Images, utiliaing state of the art software and hardware, is still providing the full range of visual post production services in a relaxed and efficient environment to all industries requiring visual media and all media delivery platforms.

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